Solutions for Separations


We have been working in applications of membrane technology since 1975, in three major areas:

  • Process development and innovation 
  • Membrane characterization and evaluation
  • Engineering optimization and design

We specialize in:

  • Reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Nanofiltration (NF)
  • Ultrafiltration (UF)
  • Microfiltration (MF)
  • Electrodialysis (ED)
  • Pervaporation (PV)
  • Forward (direct) osmosis (FO)
  • Osmotic evaporation (OE)
  • Membrane distillation (MD)

  The industries we serve include:

  • Beverage : fruit juices, sweeteners, tea, natural extracts
  • Biochemicals by fermentation : acetic acid, 2,3-butylene glycol, citric acid, lactic acid, 1,3-propanediol
  • Biofuels : biodiesel; ethanol from corn, whey and cellulosics
  • Corn processing : wet milling, dry-grind ethanol
  • Dairy : milk and whey protein concentrates and isolates, lactose utilization, bioactive peptides
  • Enzyme processes: bioactive peptides, starch hydrolyzates, milk protein coagulation, immobilized enzymes, membrane bioreactors
  • Enzyme processes: protein and starch hydrolyzates
  • Food processing : process design from raw material handling to finished product 
  • Nutraceuticals : antioxidants, bioactive peptides, carotenoids, lecithin, phytochemicals
  • Protein: Extraction, purification and concentration (corn, dry beans, leaf, soybeans, sunflower, tobacco and other underutilized resources)
  • Vegetable oils : from  corn, palm, rice bran, soybeans, wheat germ
  • Sugars, starch, cellulosics : enzymatic conversion, recovery and purification

Our multidisciplinary approach, our expertise in designing and optimizing systems, and our experience in scaling up from the laboratory bench to pilot testing and on to commercial scale has proven useful in a wide range of applications and industries.